[Era of Individual Establishment: Inner Nature]

In the early 1900s, I dedicated myself to creating artwork to express my individuality. I trusted my own senses and strived to produce works that were life-size reflections of myself. Through my experience with painting materials and printmaking, I developed my own method of scratching and hatching. This technique became an automatic drawing on canvas, and the scratching process seemed to uncover my “inner nature” while marking the passage of time. Hatching line drawings led to the creation of paintings that visualize and record the passage of time.

[The era of Coexistence Production: Paintings that Can Exist and Be Completed by the Viewer]

After the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2012, I moved from Kanagawa Prefecture to Nagano Prefecture. Instead of relying solely on my own artistic abilities, I began to engage in co-creation with supporters and formed my own community. Without resorting to crowdfunding, I adopted an experimental approach to all my activities, without expecting definite answers.

[Era under the Influence of Social Conditions: Paintings that Come and Go in the Virtual World]

As conflicts and struggles for individual freedom reach their final stages on a national and global scale, we stand at a crossroads where the old system has broken down, and a new era is emerging. People will seek to avoid the influence of social conditions and to gain freedom of time and space, in order to strengthen their individuality. They will move toward a desire for the ability to move between reality and virtuality. This aspiration was originally the mission and role of painting. I am exploring new avenues of artistic expression in this uncharted territory, by presenting solo exhibitions in virtual space and exploring how paintings can coexist with the virtual space of the new era, while retaining their materiality.

[Purpose of activity since 2017: Contemporary art(social sculpture by Joseph Beuys]

Since 2017, my purpose as an artist has been to create contemporary art that is accessible to everyone. Prior to that, my focus was on improvisational paintings, seemiler to a drawings, and paintings with printmaking techniques. At that time I didn’t feel the need to make drawing and prints. I started exhibiting drawings around 2015, and making prints around 2019, not because I needed them for my paintings, but because I wanted to explore different mediums.

My dream is to create a society where people can freely choose and purchase works that have not yet been evaluated. To that end, my recent practice incorporates the atmosphere of contemporary art while using traditional art forms such as painting and printmaking. By adapting these methods to contemporary sensibilities, I aim to make the visual arts more accessible and relevant to a wider audience.

I see my expression as contemporary art in not only the work itself, but also in the activity of creating, presenting, and selling my pieces. Through these activities, I hope to create an environment where even those who are not familiar with contemporary art can appreciate and enjoy my work.